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Prior to that used conventional vacuum cleaner with a bag, which gave a lot of inconvenience - shake the bag had to go to the trash. Plus, the emitted fine dust brought a lot of negative emotions, so every time when you had to be vacuumed, had to force myself.

Buying a vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter Ariete 2481 Aqua force agreed to most of the problems associated with the cleaning of the apartment - this event was even fun. Tapping out the dusty bag can now be forgotten like a bad dream!

The vacuum cleaner is quite powerful - 1600W, although a little more would not hurt. The wheels have rubber cleaner that allows you to comfortably and quietly move it around the apartment. Among the additional features: avtosmatyvanie electric cord, foot switch, blowing function and power regulator directly on the handle.

Another important plus - with the help of a vacuum cleaner liquid from the floor can be collected using a special nozzle that is included.

We use a vacuum cleaner for about a year. In a vacuum cleaner weight advantages. Firstly, it's an amazing power sucks everything easily picks up the coins, cotton swabs, collect spilled on the carpet the ground, spilled water (water has a special attachment), animal hair (home shorthair stafik, had never suspected that he was so active sheds) - he even picks up the linoleum with the substrate. In - the second, it aquafiltering: all that fell into the vacuum cleaner there and remains, until until you do not pour, do not fear that awkward movement and dust prosypetsya on the floor. In the third, it refreshes and moisturizes the air, after the house becomes fresh and clean)). Fourth, the air discharged from the vacuum cleaner is directed upwards, does not raise dust located behind it. Oh, and finally, the most important thing - is its size and weight (with water - about 8 kg

I never thought that we could be so dirty. Vacuums really powerful, perfect vacuuming even in remote places.

Himself a vacuum cleaner:

It has several nozzles
not heavy
and collects off the cord, as well as all others. vacuums.
on the handle has speed control, which is very convenient
powerful, gathers dust even in hard to reach places

. What about the performance of this vacuum cleaner can not say for sure, but to be honest, this vacuum cleaner they liked. then sit and sit, my friend povarachivaetsya to his wife and said that the vacuum cleaner will be 20 years old and the new will not buy Smile and we all fell out laughing, well, it follows that he was not liked or money. That will soon also want to buy this, something I also liked it that I want to vacuum the house itself. Write your feedback.